Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Comprehensive Listing Of Kimkins Information Sites

Thanks to HoneyBee who has been compiling this list of sites, blogs and forums for months now!
And thanks to the tireless bloggers and article writers who are doing all they can to chip away at the Evil Kimpire.

Kimkins Exposed
Becky: Winning Weight
Christin: The Journey
Deni: Open Bench
Free Kimkins Free
Jimmy Moore’s Apology
Kimkins @ Slamboard
Kimkins Controversy
Kimkins Dangers
Kimkins Sucks!
Kimkins Survivors
Kkatastrophediet’s Weblog
TRUTH Starts Here
3 Fat Chicks: Anatomy of a Diet Scam Inside Kimkins
A Pinch Of…
How Jeanessa Got Scammed
How Much Body Fat Can You Really Lose In A Week?
Jersey Girl: Thoughts on Kimkins
Kimkins Circus
Kimkins Controversy Continues to Boil
Kimkins Debacle; Super Smart Diet Tips
Kimkins Experience Part 1
Kimkins Experience Part 2
Kimkins Saga Revisited
Kimkins Survivors
Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Anorexic
Tami’s Change in Game Plan
The Problem with Kimkins
Thin at Any Cost
A Running Jewel
Kimkins Circus
The Quack of Doom: Entering the circus for the first time?
Once Upon A Diet
Someone in Southern California may need an attorney soon
The Final Escape
melting mama: Kimkins Scam.
Have you ever screamed so loud that the room echoed? « Incredible Shrinking Ladies
Inside the Kimkins Controversy
A Dumbbell In A Home Gym: Kimkins: Caveat Freakin’ Emptor.
Heard of the Kimkins Diet? Steer Clear it’s a total scam!
Vickie’s Voice: …more of my story…
The Road to Clarity and Transformation: The Kimmer (Kimkins) Controversy and a Parallel Universe
Banished…oh Fo’ Shame. not.
a mother’s heart » the kimkins debacle
Vilma’s World » Kimkins on Dateline & other complaints
Because I Said So: KimKims Survivors
Hundred Day Head Start Kimkins a fraud
Healthy Low-Carb Living Blog: Kimkins - How I Feel About It Now
Back Across The Line: Kimkins Cult Mentality
Good Carbma: Words for Heidi Diaz
Living Low Carb & Lovin’ It!: What an Amazing Day This Has Been!
Borat Does Kimkins: Hello From Borat!
Kimkins Nightmares
stepping up to the plate « 2big4mysize’s Weblog
Kimkins Scam
Willa’s Notebook
Doggy Girl’s Weblog
All About Kimkins & More
Itscloudyinhere’s Weblog
Psychic Rations: The Slimmer Kimmer That Wasn’t
Beware: Kimkins Diet is Dangerous!!: Just Say NO
Kimkins Lies
Sparkly and (soon to be) Skinny!: A new safe haven
Stop Kimkins Now!: Stop Kimkins Now!
Kimkins Soap Opera Story - AnthaBeth’s blog
Kristine’s Low Carb Corner

Time for a Recap!

Oh my...what a strange and eventful year it has been!

I've taken some time off from reporting on the Kimkins fiasco/scam/fraud. I've been concentrating on doing some undercover work and following things very closely, but I've not blogged or been particularly vocal anywhere in recent weeks.

Now, to make up for my silence (heh) I'm going to share a long list of links to some Anti-Kimkins blogs who have done a rather remarkable job this winter of keeping up with the almost constant developments from the Battle to Take Out

But first, with the New Year rapidly approaching, I think it's important to add my voice to the growing number of bloggers who are genuinely concerned about those Oh-So-Familiar New Year's Resolutions.

Yeah, you know the one I mean.

The one we all make, "I'm gonna lose a few (or a lot) of pounds finally this year if it kills me."

Let me share something. I just got back from a visit to a new doctor who specializes in hormone rebalancing. You know what she said to me when I told her about my little Kimkins diet experience? "Oh no!! Diets DO NOT work and neither does cutting fat!"

Folks, I could have cried. Or kissed her. It's a very rare doctor indeed who has moved on beyond the Great American Low Fat Mantra. What an answer to prayer!

Please. Remember her words (this is an MD!): Diets DO NOT work! Neither does cutting out fat!

If you've read any of the rest of my blog, or even the title, you know what's coming next.

It's not FAT that makes us fat. It's insulin. What drives up insulin? Carbs.
It's really very simple. Cut carbs, lose the insulin spikes....lose the fat.

Some good ones to consider:
Protein Power, South Beach, Atkins, Dr. Groves (Natural Health and Weight Loss)....just a few of the lower carb eating plans out there. Do the research, try a low carb eating plan (not a's not a temporary fix, you need to change your entire way of eating!) and see what a difference low carb eating can make in your waistline, your general mood, your overall health.

And here it comes...the one to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE is Kimkins. Folks, there is simply no more dangerous, nutritionally-bankrupt diet out there than Kimkins. Seriously!

You can expect to see Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" spamming the internet over the next couple months because she needs the business. Most of her previous members have fled. It's a ghost-town in the Kimkins forum. But yanno, it's all about the money for Ms Diaz and you can bet she is ready to PREY on those desperate people who have decided that 2008 is their year to lose the weight and get in shape. JUST SAY NO TO KIMKINS!! I can't say it enough.

Please, I did the diet! I know how bad this one is! As if the fact that the founder herself still weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 morbidly-obese pounds and cannot lose the weight herself, following her own diet, then believe the words of her early admins who fled the site one by one (or were banned for questioning the Mighty Kimmer).

In closing, I want to remind you to check all the new links over on the side menu. And here's to a wonderful, prosperous and healthy New Year to you all in 2008!