Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Comprehensive Listing Of Kimkins Information Sites

Thanks to HoneyBee who has been compiling this list of sites, blogs and forums for months now!
And thanks to the tireless bloggers and article writers who are doing all they can to chip away at the Evil Kimpire.

Kimkins Exposed
Becky: Winning Weight
Christin: The Journey
Deni: Open Bench
Free Kimkins Free
Jimmy Moore’s Apology
Kimkins @ Slamboard
Kimkins Controversy
Kimkins Dangers
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Kimkins Survivors
Kkatastrophediet’s Weblog
TRUTH Starts Here
3 Fat Chicks: Anatomy of a Diet Scam Inside Kimkins
A Pinch Of…
How Jeanessa Got Scammed
How Much Body Fat Can You Really Lose In A Week?
Jersey Girl: Thoughts on Kimkins
Kimkins Circus
Kimkins Controversy Continues to Boil
Kimkins Debacle; Super Smart Diet Tips
Kimkins Experience Part 1
Kimkins Experience Part 2
Kimkins Saga Revisited
Kimkins Survivors
Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Anorexic
Tami’s Change in Game Plan
The Problem with Kimkins
Thin at Any Cost
A Running Jewel
Kimkins Circus
The Quack of Doom: Entering the circus for the first time?
Once Upon A Diet
Someone in Southern California may need an attorney soon
The Final Escape
melting mama: Kimkins Scam.
Have you ever screamed so loud that the room echoed? « Incredible Shrinking Ladies
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A Dumbbell In A Home Gym: Kimkins: Caveat Freakin’ Emptor.
Heard of the Kimkins Diet? Steer Clear it’s a total scam!
Vickie’s Voice: …more of my story…
The Road to Clarity and Transformation: The Kimmer (Kimkins) Controversy and a Parallel Universe
Banished…oh Fo’ Shame. not.
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Because I Said So: KimKims Survivors
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Healthy Low-Carb Living Blog: Kimkins - How I Feel About It Now
Back Across The Line: Kimkins Cult Mentality
Good Carbma: Words for Heidi Diaz
Living Low Carb & Lovin’ It!: What an Amazing Day This Has Been!
Borat Does Kimkins: Hello From Borat!
Kimkins Nightmares
stepping up to the plate « 2big4mysize’s Weblog
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Kristine’s Low Carb Corner

Time for a Recap!

Oh my...what a strange and eventful year it has been!

I've taken some time off from reporting on the Kimkins fiasco/scam/fraud. I've been concentrating on doing some undercover work and following things very closely, but I've not blogged or been particularly vocal anywhere in recent weeks.

Now, to make up for my silence (heh) I'm going to share a long list of links to some Anti-Kimkins blogs who have done a rather remarkable job this winter of keeping up with the almost constant developments from the Battle to Take Out

But first, with the New Year rapidly approaching, I think it's important to add my voice to the growing number of bloggers who are genuinely concerned about those Oh-So-Familiar New Year's Resolutions.

Yeah, you know the one I mean.

The one we all make, "I'm gonna lose a few (or a lot) of pounds finally this year if it kills me."

Let me share something. I just got back from a visit to a new doctor who specializes in hormone rebalancing. You know what she said to me when I told her about my little Kimkins diet experience? "Oh no!! Diets DO NOT work and neither does cutting fat!"

Folks, I could have cried. Or kissed her. It's a very rare doctor indeed who has moved on beyond the Great American Low Fat Mantra. What an answer to prayer!

Please. Remember her words (this is an MD!): Diets DO NOT work! Neither does cutting out fat!

If you've read any of the rest of my blog, or even the title, you know what's coming next.

It's not FAT that makes us fat. It's insulin. What drives up insulin? Carbs.
It's really very simple. Cut carbs, lose the insulin spikes....lose the fat.

Some good ones to consider:
Protein Power, South Beach, Atkins, Dr. Groves (Natural Health and Weight Loss)....just a few of the lower carb eating plans out there. Do the research, try a low carb eating plan (not a's not a temporary fix, you need to change your entire way of eating!) and see what a difference low carb eating can make in your waistline, your general mood, your overall health.

And here it comes...the one to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE is Kimkins. Folks, there is simply no more dangerous, nutritionally-bankrupt diet out there than Kimkins. Seriously!

You can expect to see Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" spamming the internet over the next couple months because she needs the business. Most of her previous members have fled. It's a ghost-town in the Kimkins forum. But yanno, it's all about the money for Ms Diaz and you can bet she is ready to PREY on those desperate people who have decided that 2008 is their year to lose the weight and get in shape. JUST SAY NO TO KIMKINS!! I can't say it enough.

Please, I did the diet! I know how bad this one is! As if the fact that the founder herself still weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 morbidly-obese pounds and cannot lose the weight herself, following her own diet, then believe the words of her early admins who fled the site one by one (or were banned for questioning the Mighty Kimmer).

In closing, I want to remind you to check all the new links over on the side menu. And here's to a wonderful, prosperous and healthy New Year to you all in 2008!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back to ME :-)

Well, it's been a really busy month for me, so it's been a while since I last posted.

I have to tell you about this fabulous, stupendous book I just finished reading!! Honestly, in my opinion Gary Taubes deserves the Pulitzer Prize for this amazing expose on diet, nutrition and the medical/scientific juggernaut that for about a hundred years has been promoting the WRONG nutrients - namely carbohydrates - as the mainstay of our diets.

This book angered me.

I admit it. I have a high level of personal justice. I guess I got that from my dad, the attorney and judge. But seriously, in every chapter I became outraged afresh at the way good science has repeatedly been subjugated to foregone conclusions/agendas by scientists and doctors who should have known better!

If you happen to be new to my blog, and if you happen to be unfamiliar with low carb eating, let me put it into a nutshell for you. Sugar, starch and refined carbohydrate, processed foods are literally killing us. I believe that with all my heart.

I sit here today as proof of what a healthy, standard American diet can do to wreak havoc on your waistline and your overall health. I've been quite a health nut for years. I know I've been eating better than most of the people I know. I have always loved whole grains and vegetables. I baked my own whole grain breads. I bought whole-grain cereals. We always ate vegetables and have had a veggie garden since 2000. I didn't eat a LOT of fruit but that's just because it filled me up and I would hate wasting it. I dearly love bananas and citrus fruit, though. My favorite Christmas gift each year is the big box of Albritton's Fresh Citrus fruit sent to us by the in-laws.

In addition to a well-rounded diet with as much organic and unprocessed foods as I have been able to manage in the past few years, I also take quite a few nutritional supplements such as Kyo-Green Harvest Blend and even eat ---- ack!!! ---- tofu! I love sushi. I love raw foods. I could live on salads.

Wouldn't you expect me to be normal or near-normal weight and in the peak of health? Sure you would expect that. But guess what. As Gary Taubes so eloquently said it in his NYTimes article (cited and linked down below a few blogs ago), It's All Been a Big Fat Lie!

I'm at least 40 lbs overweight. I had cancer last year. My fasting blood sugar last time tested was pre-diabetic range. My thyroid is shot. I'm anemic. I have GERD with Barrett's Esophagus, which is precancerous changes of the esophagus. I have Fatty Liver Disease. I've had high cholesterol for at least 10 years and high triglycerides to boot.

Granted, some of this metabolic damage is no doubt due to my fairly frequent attempts over the past 25 years to lose weight. I've almost never done a sensible, slow diet. I always jump on the fastest weightloss promise/fad out there. I acknowledge that I've undoubtedly done a lot of damage with fad dieting. However. What has led to my constant upward spiral of weight gain?

A "healthy diet" laden with carbs.

In June, I told my doctor "no more statins". I was miserable. Every part of my body ached constantly. My feet and ankles HURT in the morning when I got out of bed and put weight on them. Exercising became torturous. I felt fatigued and sick all the time.

Kicking statin drugs to the curb was the first thing I did in taking back control of my health. The second thing I did turned out to not be such a good thing in the short term but I have to say that starting on the Kimkins diet and becoming familiar with Low Carb eating has completely changed not only my outlook on food and nutrition, but my health as well.

In late Sept., having been off the statins for the first time in 2 years, my numbers were slightly improved! One of these days I'll get the previous years' figures and post them here. But I'm happy to report my LDL is up and my triglycerides are down! Just by eating low carb--YAY!

The aches and pains are gone. Now as for my weight, I've only lost 10 lbs and have been stalling for about 3 months. But I now know it's due to my thyroid. I've been taking Synthroid for 25 yrs. Always took the doctor's word for it when they said, "your thyroid's fine" or "we need to make a small adjustment". Well, another thing I've done recently is learn all about hypothyroidism. Two excellent online resources for thyroid disease are here and here.

I insisted on switching to Armour Thyroid. What a difference! I felt better and more energetic within 3 days. Now, 4 weeks later I can feel my body adjusting to the current dosage so I know I'll need to up it soon. But wow, I honestly know why I read testimonials about Armour with people saying "Armour thyroid gave me my life back".

I think each of us deserves the best health information and care we can get. I believe that in this day and age of managed medicine, it behooves each person to learn as much as we can about our health. After all, my doctor has perhaps hundreds of patients to be concerned with. I only have one patient, ME. If I can learn for myself what is best for my body and my health, I will be the best partner to my doctor in creating a healthy lifestyle for myself.

Right now that lifestyle looks like lots of organic meat, brown eggs, cheeses and butter, with loads of fresh green leafy veggies. I wouldn't go back for anything--not even tempted!

Til next time...take care of yourself! Have a great, cool, Fall weekend and don't forget to set your clocks back tonight :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Can you say "OH So Busted!"

It's said the wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind exceeding fine. Well, it appears that Heidi's lies are slowly catching up with her.
There are many other things happening behind the scenes to bring this woman to justice, but for those of us who have been waiting to see the news services pick up this incredible story, today is a Pop The Champagne Day for us all.
Last night, KTLA TV aired Part 1 of a 2 part expose on Heidi Diaz, aka Kimmer.
They do such a good job, I have nothing more to add except, grab that bag of low carb snacks and a glass of tea and get ready to have your socks knocked off!! (wait...I want to say "Well done, HBgal ;-) You did a great job, honey!)

(you may need to scroll down using the small box titled News Videos to the right of the TV screen to find "KTLA Exclusive!! Internet Diet Scam Scam Exposed" dated October 2.
Part Two is set to air tonight, Oct. 3 at 10 pm, Pacific Time.
If that one doesn't work, try this direct link:
KTLA Exclusive on Kimmer
Want to help stop Kimmer from continuing to perpetrate her fraud and get FILTHY rich selling a life-endangering starvation diet to KIDS? Send the KTLA link to your local news affiliates TODAY. It's time to stop Heidi "Kimmer" Diaz before someone dies.
Edited to add this new link from Slamboard's new YouTUBE video!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Way to Go Jimmy!!!

A must read article from Jimmy Moore:

The Kimkins Calamity: From Merely A Raw Business Deal To A Really Big Danger

"As much as I have tried to distance myself from the still growing controversy over the low-carb imposter diet known as Kimkins since my public apology for once supporting it nearly two months ago, new revelations that cannot be ignored keep bringing it back to the forefront and warrant further exposure here. THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT TO JUST IGNORE!"
Please click on the link above to read the rest of this excellent blog.

Help.....I've been assimilated.....

Rarely in my adult life have I been so consumed with interest over anything like I have the ongoing saga of the Kimkins diet internet-scandal!

Each day I say I'm not going to spend time on the various blogs and forums catching up on the latest updates. Each day I get sucked back in...this thing is truly a trainwreck and an on-going one at that. Just can't....look away........
I guess the last time I spent this much time online and posting about a topic was Hurricane Katrina. That event grabbed me by the heartstrings and just would NOT let go. I ended up going to Baton Rouge in Sept. of 05 with a group of people helping out with the rescue effort.
Anyway, because I told so many folks about this awful starvation-based dangerous diet plan when I was first on it and losing a pound a day, I guess I feel a moral obligation to continue to shout it from the housetops that YOU DO NOT WANT TO TRY KIMKINS. Do NOT pay that woman $60 of your hard-earned money!!
I just read that Christin was taken to the hospital yesterday with chest pains and stomach pains. Christin, you will be in my prayers. Remember, God is able!
I want to encourage anyone who would like to get involved in doing something concrete to shut down Kimkins forever. You can always send emails to places that come up in Google or other search engines that are affiliated or have links to Kimkins (in other words, all pro-KK sites).
Here is an example of a letter I have been sending out to celebrity publicists and diet websites who continue to promote Kimkins:

I'm writing to alert you to a fraudulent and dangerous starvation diet plan (not just low carb, but very low carb, low calorie and low fat) which you are encouraging by
(put in appropriate verbiage here such as links to pages, etc).

Three of the original Kimkins "headliner" administration/success stories has since left Kimkins, and in fact they each have ongoing blogs explaining what a terrible mistake their involvement was with Kimkins and Heidi Diaz, the 300lb+ scammer behind the diet.

If you wish to research further, please go to these sites:

....and as you can see, there are so many more!

Thank you for your time,

A very concerned ex-Kimkins member and concerned citizen

Feel free to copy and personalize this letter--but most importantly, SEND IT!
Another excellent thing to do is start your own blog. Particularly if you have a story to tell about how Kimkins affected your life.
Here is a current list of blogs and sites devoted to legal action and exposing Kimkins, Heidi Diaz and Kimmer:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kudos To 3 Ladies!

I think it only fitting today, in the aftermath of yesterday's devastating news about the founder of the Kimkins diet, to simply share a link to Christin's blog today with her latest comments.

Also, Deni's blog
and Becky's blog

Publicly, I want to say I support Deni, Becky and Christin for doing what's right. They have my deepest respect and support at this most difficult and soul-searching time.

I wish them well in their future endeavors. With the valuable knowledge these ladies have gained about dieting and nutrition, they may be in a good position to continue to bring the truth about any detrimental type of diet such as Kimkins.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What an Amazing Day This Has Been!

Along with much of the rest of the low carb world, I was stunned, shocked and yes - even saddened today to read the latest revelations about "Kimkins" diet founder, Heidi Diaz.

Well, I paid my $60 and that's money I'll never see again. I wish I'd been patient and wise enough to research the diet and it's founder before shelling out my money. Lesson learned. I hope visitors to my blog who are considering Kimkins will realize that it's based on a sham, and that's in addition to being a rather risky way of eating.

They say "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".

Ironically, Heidi Diaz may just be the victim of her own poor dieting choices over the years. We know that ultra low calorie, low fat, low carb diets lead to metabolic shutdown, muscle wasting, inability to lose on ever-lowered caloric intake, hypothyroidism....just to name a few of the ills.

I've been following various blogs and forums off and on for a couple of hours, and wanted to especially make a note of this excellent and timely article by Jacqueline Eberstein, RN:

Kimkins is not Atkins

I think it's very wise of the Atkins folks to clarify that Kimkins, despite the similar-sounding name and despite Kimmer's claims that her diet incorporates many of the Atkins principles--is in fact, NOT a respectable, sound way of eating as Atkins diet has proven to be.
I wonder what surprises the next few days will hold. Wow.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Silent No More

In good conscience, I can't keep silent about the Kimkins diet any longer.

Yes, I tried Kimkins back in June and July.

Yes, I lost weight, about 14 lbs in about 3 weeks.
Yes, I paid $60 to belong to a forum for support and encouragement along with the dietary guidelines published by "Kimmer", the screenname of Heidi Diaz, whose reputation in the low carb world has....ermmm....fallen into some disrepute lately.
I thought it was the best solution to overweight I'd ever heard.

I got sucked in by promises (and results) of quick weightloss with no exercise.
I'm not a patient person, so this appealed to me enormously. When I do anything important, I tend to go "whole hog" and overboard sometimes. Plus, I travel a lot, and when I'm home it's hard to find time to work out. Oh, this diet just sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?
I didn't know enough about dieting in general to know any better, so when the pounds began falling off I was raving, excited and told a lot of people about Kimkins. I had no idea what was coming....

At week 3*, my weight loss stopped. I began questioning Kimmer and the admins on the forum. Their advice was "drop your carbs, drop your fats..."that food" isn't allowed on Kimkins etc."

This meant, in a practical sense, drop your calories. So I did. For a little while I dropped my daily caloric intake to approximately 600-800 per day.
How did I feel?
Ravenously hungry. My stomach growled almost constantly. Deciding it was time to kick up my exercise routine a notch, I tried to work out one day on the elliptical machine at the Y (I'd been walking at least a mile a day or every other day at that time in my hilly neighborhood). After about 6-7 minutes I was getting woozy, my knees felt like jello, and I couldn't see straight. I decided to finish my workout on a treadmill. I took it easy, but only could finish another 4 minutes before the dizziness and weakness in my legs made me a little scared and I stopped.

My daughter, the RN, who was working out with me said "Mom, you look kind of funny, are you ok? Maybe you better sit down and just drink some water." Red Flag #1
Oddly enough...the weight loss never resumed. Even at lowered calories. Red Flag #2

Shortly after that day at the Y (I didn't make the connection between my caloric intake and the failed workout) I began experiencing what felt like gallbladder attacks. My GERD was out of control and I had to begin taking double my daily dose of Nexium. Red Flag #3

I began adding some fat back into my diet, knowing by that time that keeping your gallbladder "out of work" is not advisable. Of course this upped my caloric intake considerably.

I began to must be the diet. I didn't want to quit. I wanted to keep going. I desperately wanted to lose weight--still do!
But then I began looking around on the internet. I found a couple of low-carb support forums and to my surprise (and horror) it turned out that on a couple of them, Kimkins as a WOE was somewhat frowned upon by experienced low carbers. Red Flag #4

What???? Why??
I needed to find out why.
The more I looked the worse it got.

...and there are more. Links on all those blogs will open your eyes.
When Jimmy Moore pulled his affiliation and posted his apology to the low carb world, I knew it was time for a serious personal reality check.

There are many bloggers who have explained just why Kimkins is such a dangerous dietary plan. I won't attempt to explain the medicine and science of it here.

Suffice it to give you some important links:
VP Health & Fitness
Most of what's wrong with Kimkins is stated over and over again in the books I've been reading. Kimmer (Heidi) claims to have cobbled together her WOE from Stillman's and Atkins and then tweaked it into something she calls her own. I haven't read Stillman's Diet but I have now read Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, and I assure you, although the similarities are there between Atkins Induction program and Kimkins - she removed some of the most important nutritional considerations that Dr Atkins insisted on.
Inside the Kimkins organization, there's an ongoing shakeup in the administrative section. Becky (aka Littlebit on the KK forum) has been banned for 'differences of opinion'. Amy (aka Curlygirl) long a forum regular and excellent cook with her own site--is now MIA from Kimkins forum. I don't know for sure but I think maybe some of the Kimkins insiders, even those who did take the weight off with her program and are now trying to maintain their weight, are beginning to see the light.

The bottom line is, Heidi Diaz continues to promote and make a lot of money from her dangerously low calorie-low fat-lowcarb-no exercise needed** crash diet, and people are calling her on the carpet about it.

Just because *some* of the Kimkins followers are enjoying some weight loss success (yes, there are some), I predict that sooner or later most of them will experience metabolic slowdown, thyroid problems, electrolyte derangements, hormonal imbalances, muscle-mass wasting, and many other long term health problems.
Just because it's not happening to them TODAY doesn't make this diet safe!
We're talking long term dangerous effects. Life changing disability or death may result from following any low carb-lowfat-low calorie diet!!
Just because people drink and drive and live to tell about it - does NOT make drinking and driving safe!
Just because people experiment with illegal drugs and live to tell about it - does NOT make illegal and recreational drug use SAFE.
Kimkins, as with any other RISKY behavior, may not kill you may feel ok today and maybe tomorrow and maybe even, if you're really healthy and lucky next month....but sooner or later, as my mom always said....the chickens WILL come home to roost.

*I didn't know that most weight loss in the first week-10 days is WATER!
** Even Dr Atkins advocates exercise! In fact, almost every book I've read recently advocates exercise--not so much to burn calories but for toning, and feeling better and building muscle mass which BURNS calories even at rest. Among other health benefits....

Hey, Happy Labor Day Weekend to all. Be Safe!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good News...Bad News

Good News Today: BP back to normal for me: 118/76 - Yay!

And there's more good news. Seems that my low carb/high fat diet has pretty much eliminated my GERD. I haven't needed or taken my Nexium in nearly two weeks. I give most of the credit to virgin coconut oil which I began eating in various forms almost a month ago.

Now the bad news :-(

My fasting blood glucose level was 108 a couple weeks ago. Mind you, this is about 6 weeks into low carb dieting.

Not good. This all fits the picture I suspected. I probably do have Syndrome X, or insulin resistance. No huge surprise there, given my years of near-vegetarianism and pigging out on such dietary staples as brown and basmati rice, pasta, popcorn and homemade whole-grain breads.

Furthermore we now know my thyroid medication is also insufficient. I have been reading up voraciously on thyroid disease so I can really talk turkey with my internal medicine doc. Now it seems I'd best educate myself well on pre-diabetes as well.

Once again, I hope and pray I've dodged a bullet. The "cure" for pre-diabetes, insulin resistance is - yep, you guessed it - low carb eating.

Here's a link to a very interesting and important bit of information. Happy Reading and have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend, all. God bless :-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Learn Sumpin' New Every Day!

I must say, this past couple of weeks I have learned more about nutrition, diet, fat, carbohydrates, coconut oil yada yada than I ever knew in my entire life!

My recent reading list (in red, not finished yet)
Living the Low Carb Life - Bowden
The Protein Power Lifeplan - Eades
Eat Fat, Lose Fat - Enig & Fallon
Life Without Bread - Allan
Coconut Cures - Fife
Natural Health and Weight Loss - Groves
The Fat Flush Foods - Gittleman
Heartburn Cured (The Low Carb Miracle) - Robillard
Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System - Bragg

And this doesn't even begin to cover all the blogs, low carb discussion forums etc that I've frequented. Whew...time to get a life!!
Like anything else new to me, if it catches my interest then look out...I get obsessive about it for a while.

Notice I've been skirting all the way around Atkin's publications and haven't included them in my new LC library. Hmmmm......maybe I'm just working my way backwards.

Several things have become clear to me.

I have a fat addiction. Oh yeah, you can take away my sugar and my bread. Keep the cookies and birthday cake, donuts don't impress me none (Shania Twain tune), but DO NOT TOUCH MY BUTTER. I want some cream with that fruit, and virgin coconut oil could have cyanide in it...but I think maybe I would still eat it every day now that I've discovered it.

Dr. Barry Groves and I would get along just fine. I like his philosophy and my goodness I do hope he's right. I hope Bruce Fife is right too. Now the Coconut Cures book just floored me with all the claim for virgin coconut oil and coconut products. I will continue to pursue that track.

I've also discovered (about myself) that I have been skating real close to the edge, sometimes going right over the line.

I guess I need some super self-discipline from somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it at Vitacost, Netrition, or Google it anywhere :-(

On the health front: found out I'm undermedicated for my hypothyroid problem. Great. Just what you want to hear when you've been on a diet for almost 3 months and have lost a total of about 10 lbs and that was the first 2 weeks. At any rate, I've got my internist looking into it. Hopefully she and I can come up with a plan. Or an endocrinologist!

Today is the first day of Atkins Fat Fast for me. I'm not sure I'll be able to tough it out but I'm gonna try.

Well that's it for today. Have a good one and stay cool!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Compelling Reading!!

I mainly wanted to post a link to an excellent, thought-provoking article today. It came out in July 2002. I personally think it's one of the most interesting weightloss pieces I have ever read.

"What If It's All Been A Big Fat Lie?" by Gary Taubes

Friday, August 10, 2007

EEEWWWW! Fatty Liver??? (not what you think!)


I just got off the phone with my gastroenterologist's office nurse. Seems I have a condition called "fatty liver". Here is what I was able to find online about this condition: (reprint from Mayo Clinic article)

Now I know I've had the risk elements in place for this for a long time, namely high serum cholesterol and high triglycerides. Thank heaven, I don't drink anymore (rarely).

I'm happy to note from several sites that a high fat diet isn't responsible for the formation of this problem. The treatment IS losing weight and getting blood lipids under control - EXACTLY what I am trying to do by following a low carb diet!

I also have what they say is a small lesion on my liver. Now that I hope turns out to be nothing serious. Time will tell.

I'm feeling those same goose-bumpy feelings about all this that I got when they discovered my cancer. I was already determined to lose weight, have been low-carb eating since June, and then I find out I'm already doing the very thing they recommend to reverse fatty liver.

God is so good to tell us things we need, even when we think we *thought of it* ourselves ;-D

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What an interesting Journey this is turning into!

Criminy. I had no idea how many iterations and versions there were of the low carb lifestyle until I checked in at Borders the other day. Wow.

I came home with a stack of books! Most of them on the recommended reading list by Jonny Bowden. Why didn't I just go to the library? Because I want cutting edge, recent edition stuff. I found one book particularly fascinating: The Leptin Boost Diet: Unleash Your Fat-Controlling Hormones for Maximum Weight Loss by Scott Isaacs.

Also on the must-read this weekend list is Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon; The Protein Power Lifeplan by Drs. Eades; and The Fat Flush Foods by Ann Louise Gittleman.

I'm sort of transitioning over to the principles of Eat Fat to Lose Fat by Enig, because I've seen her name come up so many times in my cholesterol research, and now about dietary fats. The work she has done is amazing. I'm also using a lot of the principles of Protein Power, keeping the next few weeks very low carb, and as natural as possible. No processed or frankenfoods. Organic as much as I can.

Here's why I feel it's so important to research all this dietary/nutrition information.

A bit of history: I was developing some gallbladder symptoms mid-week, and it scared me. You see, I had a lot of problems last winter. My family doctor told me last October, "It's time for your first colonoscopy, Steph". Oh ICK, I thought. I'm not the greatest patient in the world, and I really didn't think I needed it. But I went through with it once they assured me that I wouldn't remember a thing about it afterward.

Well.....thank goodness I did. They found cancer. Thank God, they caught it early. After a few biopsies and some minor surgery, along with some super nutritional dietary changes (I began taking every supplement I read about that had anti-cancer properties and went on an ESSIAC protocol as well), and a HUGE amount of prayer, and I was declared cancer-free the end of Feb, 2007.

Along the way they also figured out (by doing an endoscopy at the other end) that I not only have GERD, but have apparently had it long enough to develop something called Barrett's Esophagus.

More good news: They found I had a dilated biliary duct (pancreas), and when they checked it further with a test called an ERCP, the dye went astray and caused nearly instant severe pancreatitis. That landed me in the hospital sick as a dog for 4 days.

So...when my belly hurts, I pay close attention nowadays :-) I learned the hard and scary way that it's not a good idea to ignore your health (even when you think you feel fine). Preventive medicine has come a long way. I told everyone I certainly don't mind being the Preventive Medicine Posterchild!

Something I learned in my reading is that low fat diets can provoke the formation of gallstones. I don't need that. I also had basically stalled out on the weightloss. So that was getting to me. I was hungry all the time--not a happy place :-(

So, it's time to find an eating plan that works with my own particular metabolism and health issues. It's actually a fascinating journey.

Maybe best of all, I dropped another pound today, and the belly pains are gone along with the gnawing hunger!! Time will tell.

Have a great weekend :-D It's cool outside here in Ohio, amazingly so for mid-July. We're loving it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weight of the Evidence - Highly Recommended Reading

This is one of the best and most informative of the Low Carb blogs I have run across yet:

Weight of The Evidence

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm....."

Holy Toledo!!
Yesterday and today have been very eye-opening days for me, information wise, in the world of internet low carb lifestyles. I mean, I knew there were various plans out there and there is no such thing as a One Size Fits All type of low carb WOE. But - YIKES - the drama! The accusations, the vitriol!

Yesterday, I read with considerable dismay about the attacks on Jimmy Moore( with regard to his support of the Kimkins diet. I began to search for more information. The more I looked, the uglier it got.

Just a few examples:

Slamboard - Kimkins Diet {ok...this one freaks me out =8-O
The Storm over Kimmer/Kimkins Diet Episode 69
Cleochatra's Blog (July 16)

I refuse (at this moment) to take sides. I just don't know enough to have what I consider a truly informed opinion. Yes, I'm still enrolled at the Kimkins site. I also now belong to several other low-carb discussion forums. I'm reading about a book a day on the topic; just about anything I can get my hands on. After all, this is MY LIFE. My health, my weight is on the line here. I can't afford any mistakes...well, not many.

There are others far more experienced and more qualified to enter the fray than I am. For now, I'll just keep a watchful eye and open mind, and keep on low carbin' my way to healthier weight and waistline.

(In case you're wondering....I'm probably transitioning to Protein Power or maybe good old Atkins. And I'm down another pound!)

Have a great day :-) And don't let the drama get ya down!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yes Indeedy - Pure Protein Works!

I've been struggling a bit in the past couple weeks with the weight not coming off as quickly as I would like. I decided yesterday (July 16) to "kick it up a notch" and try straight protein for the next few days, get into ketosis again and see what happens.

Well.....I'm down a whole lb. on the scale this morning. Finally!

I tell you, you sure learn a lot about yourself when you take on a challenge like serious weightloss.

The last program I worked successfully was Body For Life. Now that's a program that flat out works, too. Unfortunately, in the middle of my second 12 week challenge (yes, I actually did 2 official BFL Challenges back in 2001!) I had minor surgery followed by a major surgery (hysterectomy) and that put a halt to the BFL workouts. No sooner was I ready to start back with doctor's permission, I tore my right rotator cuff and so...forgeddaboudit again :-(

After all that, I let myself get lazy with my eating and exercise programs. Shame on me.

But hey, no sense whining about it, right? Get back on the horse and make it work, that's what I'm doing.

Later..... :-) Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Welcome to "Living Low Carb and Lovin' It!"

Here's the first in a series of blogs that will be all about, as they say.....the journey of a thousand steps....

I discovered low carb eating oh, about 5 weeks ago. It's working so well for me that I want to share this journey with others who might be interested.

I've been keeping a daily journal on a free online program called FITDAY. Fitday is a wonderful tool to help you track everything you eat, breaking it down into calories, fat grams, carbohydrate grams, and protein grams. You can also enter your exercise or daily calorie expenditure, see reports on your progress, etc. All for free! You can also purchase a version of Fitday that will do even more for you. I highly recommend it!

I'm following a diet called Kimkins. I hit an all-time high of 200 lbs back in mid-June, and said that's enough - not acceptable! I had seen the Women's World magazine article that featured the Kimkins diet, and said, I think I will try it.

10 days and 10 lbs later, I knew I was onto something.

(For your information, that slightly silly-sounding name is what some folks on a low-carb eating forum dubbed a weightloss program loosely based on Stillman's and Atkins, developed by a lady who used the forum siggie "Kimmer").

There's a lot to learn about this new way of eating, commonly abbreviated to "WOE". I'm still learning all I can about low carb lifestyles (there are many: Atkins, South Beach, Protein Power, Kimkins, Stillman's and more). The more I learn about the low carb way of eating, and how my body reacts to the variations I throw at it, the more I will be able to share here. My hope is to help others along the way. Welcome!!