Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Help.....I've been assimilated.....

Rarely in my adult life have I been so consumed with interest over anything like I have the ongoing saga of the Kimkins diet internet-scandal!

Each day I say I'm not going to spend time on the various blogs and forums catching up on the latest updates. Each day I get sucked back in...this thing is truly a trainwreck and an on-going one at that. Just can't....look away........
I guess the last time I spent this much time online and posting about a topic was Hurricane Katrina. That event grabbed me by the heartstrings and just would NOT let go. I ended up going to Baton Rouge in Sept. of 05 with a group of people helping out with the rescue effort.
Anyway, because I told so many folks about this awful starvation-based dangerous diet plan when I was first on it and losing a pound a day, I guess I feel a moral obligation to continue to shout it from the housetops that YOU DO NOT WANT TO TRY KIMKINS. Do NOT pay that woman $60 of your hard-earned money!!
I just read that Christin was taken to the hospital yesterday with chest pains and stomach pains. Christin, you will be in my prayers. Remember, God is able!
I want to encourage anyone who would like to get involved in doing something concrete to shut down Kimkins forever. You can always send emails to places that come up in Google or other search engines that are affiliated or have links to Kimkins (in other words, all pro-KK sites).
Here is an example of a letter I have been sending out to celebrity publicists and diet websites who continue to promote Kimkins:

I'm writing to alert you to a fraudulent and dangerous starvation diet plan (not just low carb, but very low carb, low calorie and low fat) which you are encouraging by
(put in appropriate verbiage here such as links to pages, etc).

Three of the original Kimkins "headliner" administration/success stories has since left Kimkins, and in fact they each have ongoing blogs explaining what a terrible mistake their involvement was with Kimkins and Heidi Diaz, the 300lb+ scammer behind the diet.

If you wish to research further, please go to these sites:








....and as you can see, there are so many more!

Thank you for your time,

A very concerned ex-Kimkins member and concerned citizen

Feel free to copy and personalize this letter--but most importantly, SEND IT!
Another excellent thing to do is start your own blog. Particularly if you have a story to tell about how Kimkins affected your life.
Here is a current list of blogs and sites devoted to legal action and exposing Kimkins, Heidi Diaz and Kimmer:


kimkins said...

Bless you for spreading the word, Stephanie. Your words of wisdom and love will help others to heal.

~Kimkins Survivors

Laura said...

Thanks for the link! I love your including "pitfalls expected" in your tagline. I've linked to your blog from my Low Carb Blogs page:


Keep up the great work!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your kind comments :-)

size8jeans said...

I'm the same way. I get sucked into this because it's like an accident - you want to look away, but can't.

I never tired Kimkins, but I am a low-carber and it's people like her that give low-carbing a bad name.