Monday, March 30, 2009

Please Spare Us The Ribs

I can't do as good a job as the others did in showing the complete inanity and ignorance in the latest popular press headlines shouting "Red Meat'll Kill Ya" so I will take the liberty of linking to two bloggers whom I admire!

Junkfood Science: More Reindeer Games

Dr. Michael Eades: Meat and Mortality

Please take the time to read these blogs carefully. Your health could depend on it!


natashatoh said...

Hi there. I am Natasha and I have recently just started a weight loss blog too. Just wondering if you would like to have a blog roll link exchange which can benefit us both! My blog is and if you are interested in the link exchange do email me at Thanks a million! :)

Concerned Stranger said...

I came across your blog when looking up some info to spur my new diet.

I stayed to read because of your information on cancer. My mother in law has breast cancer and has radically changed her diet and focused on alternative therapies. I found your information on sugar very enlightening.

I hope you are doing okay, you have not post since March?? Hopefully someone will let us know how you are doing.

WunnatheDux said...

Hello Concerned,
I'm actually doing quite well at the moment, thank you for asking! It's been a very busy summer but things are winding down now, and I'm just concentrating on healing.